Donation Information

The After School Sports program is primarily funded through parent donations.  We ask each family to donate at least $100 for each sport their child participates in during the school year.  Donations help pay for officials, uniforms, equipment, and coaches.  Please select the level (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze) of which you would like to donate.  Thank you for your support!


Platinum Level Sponsors allow us to cover all our program costs while providing our schools with the resources to put forth the best After School Sports program possible.  Your generosity as a Platinum Level Sponsor is truly appreciated!

Gold Level Sponsors allow us to not only buy the necessary equipment, pay for uniforms, and officials, but also affords us the opportunity to have the resources that really make a difference in your child’s middle school athletic experience.  Thank you for being a Gold Level Sponsor!

Silver Level Sponsors allow us to meet our costs and then some.  This donation allows us to purchase additional equipment, uniforms, and provide our students with a wonderful athletic experience.  Thank you for your generous donation!  

Bronze Level Sponsors allow us to meet the minimum costs of running the After School Sports Program.  We appreciate your support!