High School Federation or NCAA Rule Books with appropriate Junior High modifications will govern all VJHSAL sports activities.

“C” Measurements (Volleyball/Basketball) – 5’3” (63) inches or shorter lying on the floor. To be done by the Athletic Director and Administrator. Verified C roster must be submitted to the sports coordinator prior to the first game.

Tournament (Playoff) - 1 and 2 seed get byes. In the quarterfinal, 4 vs. 5 and 3 vs. 6. In the semi-final #1 seed will play against the lowest seeded team. (e.g. if 6 beats 3, 1 plays 6. If 3 beats 6, 1 plays the winner of 4 vs. 5).

Referees for 1st and 2nd round: Visitors can have an association official at the game but they must let home team know one day in advance, otherwise home team will provide officials.

5th Quarter (Basketball) - Will be played when there is one game scheduled. Both coaches must agree before playing.

Tie-Breakers for Tournament (Playoff) Seeding

This tie–breaker policy has been in effect since June 1995.

In the event of a two-way tie at the end of the season, this is to be done for the tournament seeding.

1.              Head to Head - the winner of the head to head match up is seeded higher.

2.              If there is still a tie, the tie breaker should be done with a draw of a name of the schools involved and the draw of the sight to be played at.

3.              If there are three or more teams involved in a tie and they have all beaten each other, then one name is drawn out of the hat for the highest seed. Remaining teams will reevaluated by head to head competition.

4.              AT NO TIME do we use runs scored or points scored as a tie-breaker.

All tie-breakers will be overseen and officiated by the Director of the Board of Managers.