The VJHSAL Sport Program has been organized to provide students with the opportunity to participate in formal, organized athletic events.

The guiding philosophy of this sports program is: “Students interested in participation in an athletic endeavor should have the opportunity to do so under responsible supervision."


The program should be administered by trained personnel under conditions modified to the age of the participants. This would include the following:

1.              Age, height, and weight classification.

2.              A limited number of contests.

3.              Limited distance for traveling.

4.              Suitable protective equipment and supplies.

5.              Appropriate time for each game or meet.

6.              Limited practice periods

7.              Discourage radio, press, or television coverage. (Exceptions: sports shows, general sports review, etc.).

8.              No gate receipts. (Exception: sports shows. Sectional/County Tournaments).

9.              Discourage organized cheerleaders, bands, or drum majors for away games.

10.           Participants should have a physical examination, and some type of accident insurance

11.           Stress participation of ALL players

12.           Sportsmanship on the part of players and coaches should be of the highest quality

13.           Recommend standardization of team trophies, team awards, and tournament entry fee.

14.           Rules should be modified to the ability of the contestant.

15.           Upon reaching his/her 16th birthday, a student may no longer participate in after school sports. A student may finish the season, if he/she she started the season before their 16th birth day.

16.           Students will participate within the division in which his/her exponent places them. He/she may not move up or down in any division.

17.           Transportation shall be conducted under basic liability laws.

18.           A student should have written parental permission to participate in after school sports.

19.           Students must maintain at least “C” average to be eligible.

20.           Home schooling students play at school of residence if in league boundaries or have a drawing for school if not living within league boundaries.

21.           Under NO circumstances can a student play on any after school sports with a cast on their arm.

22.           Competition allowed by 6, 7, and 8th grade students.