VJHSAL Wrestling Rules

1.    NO JEWELRY or hard clips may be worn.

2.    A boy/girl must wrestle at the lowest weight classification for which he/she is eligible in at least one match during the season.  He/she may also wrestle in the next weight class above, except from 175 to heavyweight.

3.    A minimum mat border of 6 feet should be met for safety.

4.    176-235 Heavyweight classification.

5.    Teams may not take part in a chant or cadence yell for their team member on the mat.  Example: “PIN! PIN! PIN!”

6.    Weight allowances:

a.    1 pound gain, approximately Oct. 30

b.    1/2 pound allowed for all Monday meets.

c.    2 pound gain after Thanksgiving

7.    NCAA Guide to be used with appropriate Junior High modifications.

a.    Three one-minute periods

b.    No advantage time or points

c.    Overtimes – 1st period/1 minute Sudden Death or first point scored; 2nd overtime – 30 and 30 (30 sec. on top/30 sec. on bottom no matter what, unless there is a pin); 3rd overtime - 30 sec. riding time; whoever scores 1st gets choice in match (top or bottom)

d.    Head gear optional

e.    Mouthguards are mandatory for anyone with braces, dental work.

f. Tennis shoes may be worn

g.     Weight classifications (19):  70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 205, Hwt. (175.25-235)


9.    Weigh-ins are to be conducted prior to noon, the day of the match, except for tournaments.

10.To seed wrestlers, a coach must attend the seeding meeting.

11. For the regular season match, the teams do not have to start wrestling @ 70lbs (lightest division) every match. This is to avoid heavyweight becoming the last wrestler of the match every meet. Pre-setting the starting weight during preseason coaches meeting is highly encouraged.