VJHSAL Soccer Rules

Molded shoes or screw-on cleats and shin guards are REQUIRED.

1.    NO JEWELRY may be worn or hard hair clips.

2.    Goalkeeper must wear a different color shirt.

3.    Choice of kickoff, end of field, deferment will be decided by the coin toss.

4.    Regular season points:

Win= 3points

Tie= 1 point

5.    Goalkeeper has a 6 second limit to get rid of the ball once in possession.

6.    Home school is responsible for:

-Furnishing 2 officials for each game.

-Have an extra ball at each goal (leather recommended).

-Have nets on your goals.

7.    Home school MUST notify traveling team by 12 PM noon, if the game is postponed for inclement weather. Make every effort to contact the coach also.

8.    Substitutions may be made for injury.

9.    Ball may not be intentionally kicked back to the goalkeeper and picked up by him or her. This includes a ball kicked back or a throw-in. An indirect kick is awarded.

10.YELLOW CARDS: Player(s) will sit out, at least, until next substitution. If a player earns 4 yellow cards during the course of the season, he/she is suspended from the next regular season game or the playoff game. Coaches or athletic directors are responsible for reporting yellow card to the soccer coordinator after every game. The yellow card tally resets to zero after a player earns his/her 4th card.

11.  RED CARD: Player is removed from the game (the team will play down one player). The player is also suspended from the next regular season game or the playoff game. If a coach receives a red card he/she must leave the field.

12.  Unlimited substitutions during any game. Both teams may substitute after any goal, on any goal kick and between periods.

The team in possession of the ball may substitute on a throw- in or corner kick. The team not in possession of the ball may substitute on a throw-in or corner kick if the team in possession of the ball substitutes.

13.  Teams stand on the same sideline. Spectators opposite sideline from the teams.

14.  High School Federation Guide adopted for league play modifications.

-          Players MUST have numbered jerseys (tape O.K.)

-          Every player on a team must have the same color jersey.

-          Every player on a team must have the same color socks.

-          Regulation games are 2 (30 min.) halves.

-          Halftime will be 5 min. in length.

-          No overtime for regular season games.

-          Overtime for PLAYOFFS ONLY:

Two 5 min. periods

Two 5 min. sudden deaths (first score wins)

Five-player shootout

NO PENALTY KICKS for Championship

(Co-Champions awarded)


15.  No Blow Outs:  After a team has 5-goal differential, all goals by that team must be scored from outside of the Penalty Area. Also, after a 5-goal differential the team that is ahead must take off one player for each additional goal (starting with the 5th goal). There is no point loss for going over 7 goals. The team that is ahead can add player(s) back if the losing team scores.


16.  Game time is 3:45pm, provided the visiting has at least a 10-minute warm-up. The latest a game should start is 4 pm with or without a 10-minute warm-up. Please try to get to away games by 3:30pm.