Welcome CUSD Parents!


There are four (4) steps that need to be completed in order to successfully register your child for After School Sports.  There is a how-to video for each step of the the process.  (Note: The videos contain NO audio.) 

1. Complete the CUSD Tryout Waiver & Form

This MUST be done BEFORE your child can tryout for the team!

2. Create a VJHSAL/TeamSideline account

This should be done AFTER your child has made the team.  (Cross-Country, Wrestling, and Track are non-cut sports, so ALL eligible students who tryout get to be on the team.)

3. Add your child/children to your account

4. Add your child to a specific team and make your donation



***If you forgot to make a donation while registering your child for an After School Sport, you may still make a donation by clicking here